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Hdpe Woven Fabric

For a wide range of commercial and industrial products, goods, and commodities, our HDPE Woven Fabrics provide robust, affordable packaging. These are portable and ideal for 100% exterior safety while packing machinery, corrugated or wooden boxes, fabric bales, and many other completed items. In addition to being used to package tires, wrap steel coils, and wrap paper rolls, our HDPE Woven Fabrics are frequently utilized in the production of textiles, cement, vehicles, machines, and polymers. Our woven textiles' resistance to chemicals, effect on the flavor or odor of their contents, and capacity for stress and strain are their top qualities.

HDPE Tarpaulin Rolls

  • Supply Ability:20000 Per Month
Price: 75.00 - 180.00

HDPE Woven Fabric

  • Supply Ability:20000 Per Month
Price: 75.00 - 180.00 INR

"We deals only in bulk quantity orders."